Dermatology Services In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Healthier and younger looking skin is possible with care and treatment from Louis A. Brown Jr. M.D. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our office specializes in dermatology services that include skin cancer treatment.

Also, we offer a wide variety of skin care therapies and procedures to treat common dermatological disorders and diseases that will afflict most people during their lives. If you want to reverse the signs of acne or other issues, cosmetic skin care is available. Improve the condition of your skin with dermatology services from our office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Our Services Include:

• Skin Cancer Detection and Treatment
• Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures
• Rash, Acne, and Skin Infection Treatment
• Hair and Nail Therapy
• Aging and Skin Color Changes
Beautiful Smiling Woman - Dermatology Services in Philadelphia, PA
You receive first-class care and treatment from a physician with more than 25 years of experience at the office of Louis A. Brown Jr. M.D. This includes customizing care to suit your specific needs. Also, Dr. Brown maintains a schedule that allows him flexibility in seeing patients. To give your skin some extra attention, schedule an appointment today.

Quality Therapeutic and Cosmetic Skin Care

Get personalized dermatology services by calling us at 215-745-9794 .