Aged Skin Treatment for the Philadelphia, PA, Area

Louis A. Brown Jr. M.D. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, helps protect you with dermatology services ranging from skin cancer treatment to cosmetic skin care. When you have any type of skin issues, call us for immediate attention.

Skin Cancer Detection and Treatment

Dr. Brown carefully diagnoses and treats Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma, and Melanoma When you have a wart or any other unusual growth on areas of your skin exposed to the sun, contact our office. The sooner you seek treatment, the greater your chance for curing the disease.

Rash, Acne, and Skin Infection Treatment

We treat common skin problems such as acne, rashes, and skin infections. Using prescriptions customized for the patient, you will see results in no time.

Hair and Nail Therapy

Dr. Brown can also help you stop or reverse hair loss (alopecia) and excessive hair growth (hirsutism) with appropriate treatment therapies. Care for nail splitting, infections, and discoloration are also available.

Aging and Skin Color Changes

You will learn how to protect your skin from further aging and correct skin problems from aging with our guidance. Also, we help correct skin color changes from diseases such as vitiligo (loss of pigment), blemishes, and dark spots.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Erase years from your face to create a more youthful image with cosmetic skin care from the office of Louis A. Brown, M.D. All treatments are customized according to your skin type and sensitivities to ensure effectiveness.

We offer:
Dermal Fillers – These formulas correct deep aging lines on the face
Demrapen - This is a cosmetic micro-needling technique used to treat acne scarring, wrinkling of aging skin, and stretch marks. Multiple serial procedures are necessary over the course of a year on a fee for service basis to achieve the desired result. Free consultations are available for patients interested in this technique for the indications of acne scarring, wrinkling and stretch marks.
Botox™ – This popular product eliminates wrinkles in the eyebrow and forehead region
Microdermabrasion - To correct sun and age related changes, this is used to resurface the skin
Chemical Peels – This body treatment alleviates age and pigmentation changes
Topical Prescription Medications – These formulas are used as standalone cosmetic treatments or in conjunction with other treatments
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